What Happens on Your Body if You Eat Kimchi Every Day?

This dish is rich in vitamins, good for digestion, it can even have the effect of preventing cancer.

  1. Supporting weight loss 

Kimchi is a great diet food. With a serving of 150 gram Kimchi only provides 40 calories. However, this is not the only attraction of this dish. Capsaicin in kimchi helps to start up metabolism and break down carbohydrates faster. It also burns up excess energy faster, thus making you lose more weight.

2. Giving you a shiny skin and smooth hair

The ingredients used to make kimchi are rich in vitamins and minerals. One of the main ingredients is garlic, which also contains selenium – a compound that keeps skin and hair healthy. Selenium is a vitamin C enhancer that makes it stronger and more effective in protecting the body. So eating kimchi regularly can limit wrinkles, keep skin shiny and hair smooth.

3. There are beneficial bacterias that contribute to overall health 

Like yogurt, Kimchi contains Lactobacilli which support the digestive system. The fermentation process also produces bacterial probiotics that help the body fight off various infections.

4. Reduce Cholesterol in the body

People with high cholesterol and high blood pressure will benefit from putting Kimchi in their diet. Garlic flavors in kimchi contain selenium and allicin, two of which are known to reduce cholesterol reserves in the body. They also reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke because they prevent plaque build up in the artery walls.

5. Help boost the immune system

The Food and Nutrition Department at Ulsan University has found that kimchi promotes the growth of antibodies. It also makes the immune cells of the body more active. Think about this, the normal diet can give you 68% of immune cell activity, a high cholesterol diet with 55% cell activity. On the other hand, high cholesterol diet plus a healthy portion of kimchi can give you 75% of immune cell activity! You are protected against illness.

6. Reduce the risk of stomach cancer 

The study, conducted by a professor from the National Institute of Nutrition at Chungnam University, found that beets and cabbage used in kimchi contain biochemicals such as sulfide and isocyanate, which detoxify heavy metals in the kidney, liver and small intestine. These chemicals have also been proven to prevent stomach cancer.

7. Slow down the aging process

Koreans look younger than their real age for a reason. By fermentation, Kimchi becomes rich in antioxidants that slow down skin aging. It also limits skin oxidation, making you look relaxed and carefree even when you are feeling stressed.

8. Prevents the development of stomach ulcers

Gastric ulcer causes by Gram (-) Helicobacter pylori bacteria, commonly found in the stomach. You can stop stomach ulcers from happening by eating kimchi. Vegetables contain Leuconostoc mensenteroides, a bacterium that blocks the growth of H. pylori.


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