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Unique Method of Just Lying Back Helps Japanese Women Burn Belly Fat Effectively

No cost or effort, with this method can reduce 2cm waistline after only a few weeks of practice. Let’s see how to practice it!

This special method was discovered by Japanese Dr. Fukutsudzi – who has more than 10 years of experience in studying weight loss methods and related bone and joint diseases. According to his explanation, excess fat accumulates in the abdomen and waist due to sitting, lying in the wrong position, affecting the lower ribs and pelvis. This is also the cause of back pain in many people.

Therefore, the easiest way to destroy belly fat is to adjust the posture with the foundation to restore the ideal posture of the joint, thereby correcting the shape, increasing the abdominal muscles and reducing the fat around the waist. The secret here is just by placing a rolled up towel under your back when lying down. His research has been printed into books and sold more than 6 million copies. This “strange” method is currently used by many Japanese women and thus they retain their slim waist without spending money or effort.

Only 5 minutes backstroke helps Japanese women burn belly fat effectively

The method is as follows:

Only 5 minutes backstroke helps Japanese women burn belly fat effectively – You take a bath towel about 40cm long, curl up so that the diameter is about 10cm. You can use a small rope to fix the towel. – Lie on a fixed surface, on the floor or on the carpet, but absolutely not on the mattress. – You put the towel underneath, right at the hollow of the back.

Only 5 minutes backstroke helps Japanese women burn belly fat effectively – Legs stretched parallel, two feet touching each other. – Hands stretched straight towards the top of the head, tucked in place, two little fingers touching each other. – In the first 1-2 minutes, if you feel your abdominal muscles tighten, then you have done the right thing and the exercise is working. – Hold your posture for 5 minutes. – Then you lie on your side and sit up, then slowly stand up straight. – Should be done 3 times a day to achieve the fastest effect.

This method is suitable for both men and women of all ages. Women who want to lose weight after birth can also apply this exercise.


– People with spinal and osteoarthritis problems should consult their doctor before applying. – At the first time, you may find uncomfortable tension. So just practice for 1-2 minutes, and gradually increase the time in the following times, until you are fully laid for 5 minutes. – If you put a towel under your chest, you will improve your chest. – Don’t skip any training day. In the long run, your physique and health will be significantly improved. Good luck.

Belly fat is really a long-term problem and it is becoming much more serious than before due to eating habits, unreasonable living, sitting much, sedentary … Actually, reducing belly fat though It is difficult but not without means, something that requires us to change many of our current living habits, in the long run – the fact that not many people have the conditions and the will.

However, with the above method, many people believe that it has reduced 2cm waistline after only a few training sessions. Besides, the height also increased significantly. It’s hard to believe but try it and don’t forget to share with us the results.


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