Main Articles On United States Strategic Management

The word business normally refers to a company or individual operating in business, commercial, or service activities for profit. Private companies are for-profit or non-profitable organizations. Governmental entities such as state and local governments are generally recognized as for-profit businesses. A business can either be a corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship. It can also be the name of a person or a group.

In United States, the Small Business Administration or SBA is the government’s main agency providing assistance to small business. The primary function of the SBA is to help businesses obtain needed licenses, permits, and financing. It also acts as counselor and mediator to these businesses. SBA also provides advice to businesses on issues such as merging with other companies, purchasing shares, and selling their stocks. It facilitates the registration of a new limited liability company and advises business owners on tax matters.

The terms corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietors are commonly used in reference to types of businesses. In United States, the corporations are those groups of people who are related by a common ownership interest but do not have authority to carry on business on their own. These entities are allowed to conduct business in a formal manner. Corporations are separate legal entities from the individuals that own them. They have their own assets and liabilities and have their own tax structure.

Sole proprietor is another main article in United States commercial law. It is a person who owns a particular business. He has no share in any of the businesses assets. The main advantage of a sole proprietorship is that there is no necessity of any authorized shareholders. The main disadvantage is that the personal assets of a sole proprietor are subject to the control of the business.

Service businesses or professional businesses are the other main article in reference to United States commercial law. They are also separated into two categories: service businesses and intellectual property businesses. Service businesses do not produce tangible products or deliver services. Intellectual property businesses, on the other hand, produce products or deliver services and have exclusive rights to these products and services. Service businesses can be divided further into general merchandise, personal service, in home service, and clerical service businesses.

The main article in United States strategic management is Financial Strategy. Financial strategy is concerned with the study of current trends and practices that affect the supply of capital goods and services in relation to potential future demands. This includes the study of the factors that affect the prices of capital goods and services in the market as well as the distribution of profits. Strategic management also involves the analysis of business cycles and the time-periods in which particular businesses operate. Other elements that are considered in United States strategic management are marketing, research, and development, financial statements, and management’s tools. All of these elements are important for businesses that seek to increase their market share and overall profits.